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Babies are amazing, but they can be a handful. They’re constantly moving and exploring the world around them, which means that you have to keep up with changing diapers.
Changing baby diapers is hard on your back. It’s messy and time-consuming. Many babies resist diaper changes because they feel uncomfortable and constricted in their diapers. It’s also expensive because you have to buy disposable or cloth diapers every week or two.
The solution is Napppy premium pants for newborn babies and toddlers! The product is easy to use, comfortable for babies (no more wet pajamas), affordable (you only need one pair of these reusable pants per child), and eco-friendly!
It keeps their bottom dry (super-absorbent) and prevents rashes and blow-outs on the baby’s sensitive skin. Also, they’re great to potty train your toddler while avoiding accidents. And since they’re made from soft materials instead of plastic, your little one will love wearing them too!

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Product Description

  • Waking up in the middle of the night to change a wet diaper is not fun. Getting out of bed and stumbling around in the dark while your baby cries – even less so. The problem doesn’t just happen once, but twice or three times every single night! Napppy pants solve this problem by combining the convenience of disposable diapers with the comfort and style of pants. Our premium pants collection has the comfort of re-fastenable, easy to open sides for customizing the elastic waistband. If a diaper leaks, it doesn’t soak through to your baby’s skin or clothing underneath. They’re so comfortable you’ll forget your baby is even wearing them! Some major perks of our premium pants include:
    • Great for babies who constantly move
    • 360º stretchy waistband – Easy to wear like pull-ups
    • Dual Leak-Guard Barriers – Leakage prevention
    • Super soft absorbent material – Feel like cotton training pants
    • Best for leak protection at night

    Napppy diaper pants are the solution for parents who want an easy-to-use diaper change system. These patent-pending pants make it possible for busy parents to change their kids on the go without needing any additional equipment or assistance.

    Just slip them over your baby’s legs like regular underwear and pull down the zipper at the back of their waistband when you need to change them! No more struggling with bulky cloth diapers that take up too much space in your bag.

Some apparent benefits of Napppy premium pants for your kid include:

1. Leakage Protection
Diaper pants help keep children dry and comfortable by preventing accidents from leaking onto their clothes. They absorb any moisture that gets through the diaper lining, keeping them feeling dry and fresh all day long.
2. Can Be Used For A Longer Period
If your baby uses diaper pants, then they can easily use them for a more extended period. It is because Napppy pants provide extra protection and better absorbency as compared to a regular diaper. In this way, they make sure that your baby or toddler remains dry and comfortable throughout the day. Also, the pants are great if you’re toddler is getting potty training.
3. Affordable
If you opt for cloth diapers, you might find them expensive because they can be washed and reused again and again. Even if you buy a dozen or so, it still comes out to be a pricey affair compared to diaper pants.
They can be used only once and are very much affordable. In this way, by using Napppy premium pants, your baby’s skin is well protected from rashes and irritation and minimizing laundry family, thus helping save money.
4. Easy Changing And Use Process
Diaper pants are easy to change and use. As they come with a fastening system, you can easily take it off when your child needs a diaper change. Then you can put it back on after the process. Also, it will allow for an easier and more comfortable diaper changed method and avoid accidental messes.

• The training pants have a cotton top sheet and an absorbent core made of SAP or Super Absorbent Polymer. They’re also known as disposable baby diapers because once this polymer gets wet, it will expand up to its original size.

• Some other materials include cotton, natural fiber, hemp, and wool. Cotton is absorbent and soft.

• Hemp has a good water absorption capacity and is considered anti-bacterial because of its natural oils. Wool is best when the toddler has sensitive skin.

• The best thing about these materials is that they’re all super breathable, which means your toddler will stay cool while wearing them.

1. Ensure that you choose the right size of diaper pants for your baby based on weight and length. It ensures an optimum fit as well as better protection against leaks.
2. Our pants are in pull-up style, which allows more effortless dressing and undressing of babies. Also, it offers better protection against diaper leaks.
3. Napppy premium pants have a double row of snaps on each side, one row is visible, and the other row is hidden inside the waistband of the pants.
4. It makes it easy to adjust as your little one grows taller and more prominent around the waist. Also, the pants are easy to open from both sides, hence, comfortable to wear even if your kid is moving a lot.
5. To change, just un-snap, tear-away sides, and pull down. Easy peasy!

At What Age Do You Start Using Pants?
Most pants come in size 3. It means that children can wear them between 7 and 12 months of age with a weight of 13kg. So as soon as your baby or toddler reaches this age and weight, then you should consider them!

Are Pant Diapers Worth The Price?
Pant diapers are the best choice for parents on the go. They come with an elastic band around your baby’s waist and legs. It makes them comfortable to wear because they fit snuggly against their body shape without being too tight or leaving space in between. They also have good coverage, so you don’t need to worry about leaks.

What Age Should A Child Stop Wearing Diaper Pants?
While most children will be toilet trained and ready to stop using diapers by 18 months, this certainly isn’t the case for all kids. Some who haven’t been fully toilet trained can stay in booster seats or pants until after 4! Hence, there is no specific time, and it depends on your little movers.

No More Menacing Leaks, Night Or Day With Napppy Pants

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The simple sign that your little one is ready for pants is they have started to roll or wriggle away when you try to change the diapers. Of course, the time of switch will be different for each child, but many parents choose when their babies are six months old and up.

Yes, to some extent. A pull-up is a type of diaper that can be worn like underwear and comes in various styles. They work the same way as other disposable diapers but with an elastic band around them instead.

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