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Premium diapers, jumbo, maxi packs are here! (S1-S7 size). In all Baltic countries.

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You can choose what type of diapers you want us to deliver monthly, how many packs per month, and when you would like your delivery.

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Diapers are a necessity for most parents, but they can be expensive and time-consuming to shop for. You may have a lot on your plate already without having to worry about getting the best deal on diapers.
Also, it’s hard to predict how many diapers or pairs of pants your child will go through each month, which makes it difficult to budget for these expenses.

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With our affordable subscriptions, you will always have fresh, high-quality diapers and pants supplies on hand when you need them most. From newborn size to toddlers, get your stock of the Pampers brand today!

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Pampers Diapers

You’ll always have a fresh diaper on hand with our Pampers diapers. With their super-absorbent padding, these ultra-soft diapers will provide all the protection your little one needs to crawl around without ruining their clothes or prevent diaper rash.

Pampers Pants

Get a sleek and comfortable diaper pants designed for the modern parent. No more bulky cloth diapers or embarrassing plastic potty training pants. Pampers’ elastic waistband won’t sag or slip off, so you enjoy with your little one with ease all day long!

Our Mission

Because we believe that diapering your baby should be uncomplicated, we started “Napppy” Pampers Diapers and Pants Subscription. Our primary goal is to be the best diaper store online, offering top-notch customer support while providing superior quality goods at affordable prices. Our mission is to maintain a standard of excellence, integrity, fairness and prove ourselves as an honest company.

We believe in excellent customer service and want our customers to love what we offer. Pampers products are durable and made with high-quality materials, so you don’t have to worry about any harm coming to your child when they wear them.

With our diaper subscription, all you have to do is subscribe and then sit back and relax, knowing that you will receive the diapers and pants that suit your baby’s needs perfectly every month.

Napppy Team

As moms ourselves, we were running around different stores searching for diapering options that would meet both quality and budget standards. Unfortunately, there was no single place where all these criteria were fulfilled for the babies’ registry item.

So one day, we up with the idea of creating a website that offers diapers/pants in a subscription model. From there, Napppy was born! Now, our team is made up of passionate people who love what they do and want to provide the best products and services to our customers.

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7 per day



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5 per day



5 per day